16 Reusable Bamboo Make Up Remover Pads

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    The set includes 4 scrub and 12 soft makeup pads. The scrub pads are perfect for cleaning off tenacious products and exfoliating the skin. Whereas the soft pads are great for sensitive areas like the eyes. These zero-waste make up remover pads will meet your needs.
    The reusable makeup remover pads have all features of regular cotton wool pads and are not as abrasive as regular wash cloths. They are small enough to take everywhere you go, to the gym or on travels.
    The makeup remover pads are reusable and come with a handy laundry bag. These 16 washable make up cloths made of bamboo fibers and cotton reduce your waste, are good for the environment.
    The removal pads are suitable for all skin types and deeply clean face and eyes, remove makeup, creams and dirt. They are gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin, for women, men and babies.
    The makeup remover cloths will serve you for a long time. By avoiding buying cotton wool pads, you will save a lot of money. They are also a great gift idea!



Why you should use reusable makeup remover pads:

Our throw-away culture has become a serious problem and it's time to change some habits and replace single-use items by more eco-friendly products! Everyone can contribute to the change our planet needs and every small action helps. Using reusable make up cloths is a simple swap to do something good for the environment and for your wallet. 

With our washable removal pads, you don't have to give up the convenience of single use cotton wool pads. They will keep your skin but also our planet clean! 

The Cosmetic Pads Set includes:

  • 12 Soft Bamboo Velvet Pads (60% Bamboo, 40% Cotton)
  • 4 Scrub Bamboo Terry Pads (70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton)
  • A 100% Cotton Mesh Bag

Ideal for:

  • Removing face and eye makeup
  • Cleansing your skin
  • All skin types, even sensitive baby skin

Why Bamboo?

  • It is a sustainable, naturally renewable resource
  • It requires only little water to grow
  • Bamboo fibers are antibacterial

The makeup pads are washable at 40 to 60 degrees. Check out the online user manual for the detailed washing instructions and make up removal tips. 

A simple solution to environmental pollution!