3 Beeswax Food Wraps & 3 Reusable Mesh Bags

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  • Handmade with natural ingredients eco-friendly food wraps, nonallergic, naturally antibacterial and durable to reuse for 6-12 months. Mesh produce bags with steel drawstrings and machine washable. Premium quality product.
  • Sustainable, natural alternative to plastic cling film. Bee wraps can use to wrap up cheese, leftover fruits, vegetables, and bread. Cover a bowl of salad use as a cover of glass jars and keep it in freeze. Also makes an eco-friendly kitchen gift idea, reusable wraps so reduce the plastic waste. Mesh begs are brilliant for grocery shopping, organise kids’ toys or cosmetics. 3 sizes for different use.
  • 3 sizes for any use, beeswax wrap set of 3 in sizes small-(17.78x20.31cm), medium-(25.4x27.94cm), large-(33x35.56cm) & mesh begs s (19.8 x 27) m (33 x 25) l (43 x 21) cm. So now you can wrap from a half of avocado to a big bowl of salad. Carry your fruits and vegetable in mesh bags, it helps your fruits to breath and keep your freeze organised.
  • Washable, reusable & no smell, beeswax is naturally antibacterial it saves food from bacteria, so it's easy to clean with just cold water. Mesh bags are machine washable so it’s easy to clean.
  • Plastic free world is possible if you take your first step by saying no to plastic, and start using eco-friendly, natural, biodegradable beeswax food wraps and mesh produce bags. Plastic do not compost as it finds a way back to your food chain. Our mission is to reduce plastic use in our everyday life. Please join in our mission by purchasing our beeswax wraps and mesh produce bags bundle, perfect for eco-friendly gifts.


Natural Beeswax Wrap - Pack of 3 
3 Mesh produce bags Small, Medium, Large.


Natural Beeswax Wrap reusable food wraps are handmade from GOTS Certified 100% Cotton Fabric, Pure OTOP Certified Beeswax, Organic jojoba Oil and Golden Tree Resin.
Beeswax is antibacterial and antifungal, so it's the best way to protect your food from contaminations.
Use these wrap to cover bowls and plates, wrap cheese, vegetables, sandwiches, bread, fruits,fresh herbs, and baked goods. Beeswax food wraps are not recommended for use with raw meat. Mesh produce bags are made of organic cotton, helps your fruits and veg to breath and it is machine washable so reuse and reduce plastic waste.

Small: 17.78 x 20.31 c.m. (7 x 8 inch)
Medium: 25.4 x 27.94 c.m (10 x 11 inch).
Large: 33.02 x 35.56 c.m. (13 x 14 inch).

So now you can wrap a leftover Avocado to a bowl of salad.

Small: 19.8 x 27 c.m.
Medium: 33 x 25 c.m 
Large: 43 x 21 c.m.


The warmth of your hands is enough to activate the beeswax wrap and wrap up a piece of food or over a bowl.
When the wrap cools down - within seconds - it holds its seal.
After use, the wrap can be washed in cool water, using a mild dish soap if necessary. Air dry, fold and store it in a drawer until next use.
Avoid sources of heat, such as hot water and microwaves.

Natural Beeswax Wrap reusable food storage wraps will last for about 1 year when used several times a week. Mesh bags are organic product you can use for daily shopping, you can store books, toys or as a organiser.
It has stainless steel drawstring with it, so you can seal the bag
If you want the Food Grade certified Beeswax Food Wraps