16 Reusable cotton pads & 100 cotton qtips

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    Our premium 3-layer bamboo pads will leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and clean - ready to snuggle up for a peaceful night's sleep. You will receive 16 make up remover pads (suitable for all skin types), 1 face cloth, 1 laundry bag for washing and a gift of 100 bamboo cotton buds.
    It's time to ditch those cotton pads and avoid the endless cycle of paying for disposables. These reusable pads will reduce your waste and your outgoings. Happy earth, happy you.
    Made from one of our planets most sustainable crops - the bamboo tree: fast growing, no fertilisers required, can absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide AND can be made into a super soft velvety fabric!
    Add soap and warm water or cleansing product; carefully and gently wipe away makeup. Large 8cm pad will ensure makeup will be removed in one easy process. When your pads aren't looking so fresh anymore, simply pop them in their washing bag and add to your next clothes wash. Easy.
    Can you imagine a cost-saving, eco-friendly product that is only packaged in recyclable materials? Well this is it. Our makeup remover pads, face cloth and cotton buds will arrive to you in craft paper boxes. No plastics. When you are finished with the boxes ...they can, and should, be recycled.


Together we can make a difference:
We were inspired to create this product because we felt compelled to do our part for the environment by spreading solutions to excess waste. 

We love that you are changing your life and committing to reducing your waste! Share your passion for sustainability with your friends and family. These are for everyone: ladies, gents, and even pets! Give these as a gift and help change someone else's life.

If not now, when?
Ditch those disposables now because there has never been a more important time to reduce waste to improve our environment. 

Instantly refreshing and revitalising boost:
Heavenly soft and absorbent, these pads are gentle on all skin types making them the perfect companion for your beauty / family care. Use the white makeup remover pads for light coloured makeup, and black makeup pads for dark colours like mascara. 

Enhance your daily clean with our 2-layer bamboo face cloth. Rinse under warm water, remove excess water, use a circular motion to gently exfoliate and lift away dead skin cells, leaving you with a smoother, brighter looking complexion. 

To keep the face cloth/makeup remover pads fresh and clean, rinse after each use and allow to dry naturally. After every few uses Wash at 30°. Face cloth and the white pads with a whitewash, and the black pads with a dark wash. We have also included a handy wash bag for you to pop the makeup pads into, keeping them together. 

Transform your look:
Get the complete clean with the pack of 100 double ended bamboo/cotton buds included in this gift set. Reach all the little nooks and crannies that can be missed while removing make-up. 

Ever apply too much to your eyebrows? Your eyeliner doesn't quite match? You deserve perfection but you want to avoid removing everything and starting again. Use these bamboo cotton buds to correct mistakes with precision, but please be extra careful when using!