The TimetobeNatural Story

TimetobeNatural was born when myself, my partner, and our two young daughters were becoming more and more aware of our waste. We decided, one thing at a time, to try to reduce the amount of waste that is ending up in landfill.


One of our favourite nights as a family is Friday night, where we all snuggle up, eat pizza and watch Blue Planet, Blue Planet II, Dynasties, and all things David Attenborough related. After watching the horrific stories about what plastic is doing to our oceans, our eldest daughter, 11, who dreams of being a conservationist (thanks to Sir Attenborough) decided that we use too many products that are packaged with plastic. So, for Christmas last year, instead of the “normal” L'Oreal kids shampoo and conditioner we usually put in their stockings, we brought them shampoo and conditioner bars.  At first they were unsure of how to use them and they kept getting the shampoo and conditioner mixed up with each other but they soon learnt which was which and now we’re all using them. My partner worried about the conditioner not being the same as her usual brand, but she says she loves the way her hair feel and wouldn’t go back to conditioner in a plastic bottle!

Our journey continued with me buying my partner a menstrual cup for her 32nd birthday!  I’m pretty sure she was joking when she said it’s the best present she’s ever received!  Since that though, she has never looked back, and it makes her feel good knowing she is doing her bit for the environment and the planet.

Since then we have continuied to be viguliant about our plastic usage and continue to try and find new ways to reduce our wastage. Read our blog 10 top tips for an eco-friendly family to discover more easy ways to reduce your waste.


Please join us, the TimetobeNatural family in making positive movements to protect our planet.


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