5 Organic Bamboo Toothbrushes

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    All our packaging is made from recycled cardboard and each toothbrush is hygienically sealed in a 'bio-wrapper', which is plant-based and biodegradable. We also make sure any tape or stickers used are water-based and environmentally friendly. Once you've finished with your wooden toothbrush, the nylon 6 bristles are recyclable. The handle is reusable in arts & crafts, or use it to guide a young garden plant, or carve yourself some wood chopsticks!
    We are the ONLY company to hygienically seal each individual toothbrush in our pioneering, plant-based biodegradable eco wrap made from tree cellulose! Why buy a toothbrush that hasn't been sealed? Yuuuk! Our premium materials and hygienic approach get us the votes! Our unique dental grade bristles are Vegan, BPA-free and have a medium to hard feeling. You'll get the same clean sensation you'd get from any plastic toothbrush without harming the environment!
    An easy change to make right? By purchasing this pack of Hand-Crafted Premium Bamboo Toothbrushes, you're taking the high road and doing your bit for our planet! You've picked the finest UK design with a bristle shape proven to clean teeth effectively. Our Bamboo is Organic, Sustainable & FCS certified with fair wages paid. With every pack sold, we're closer to reducing the 3.5 billion disposable plastic toothbrushes that end up in oceans and landfills every year.
    Before releasing we got samples made and gave 78 people (basically our friends and family!) various styles of bamboo toothbrushes to test out with their favourite toothpaste. Round handles were considered 'uncomfortable,' 'slippy' and 'awkward.' We chose to develop a design from the most popular result - a flat, square handle with a unique curve in the neck for precision brushing. This has been proven to give a dentist clean finish.


*NOTE* Handle length is 18.5cm, designed for adults & teenagers too! If your kids are young, please buy our kid's toothbrushes! These are medium-firm bristles! Want soft? Buy our charcoal toothbrushes!

We are the ONLY company to hygienically seal each toothbrush in our pioneering, plant-based biodegradable eco wrap- made from tree cellulose! Natures alternative to plastic, keeping your toothbrush hygienic all the way to your door! Why buy one that hasn't been sealed?

From humble beginnings...
our family run business got fed up with the poor-quality bamboo toothbrushes we were buying as consumers. After testing 11 different brands in 3 years, we decided to create our own. We knew the flaws that existed and knew how to improve on them. We demanded only the best quality eco-friendly materials. We knew we would only settle for a premium product. 

Join the revolution: 
We have 100,000+ happy customers! Join them in this simple change from plastic!

Perfect eco-friendly gift: 
For you or your love!

Tackling Global Warming, Renewable, Sustainable: 
We joke our toothbrushes grow in a few hours because Moso Bamboo grows up to 1 metre a day! Our Moso species outperforms all other bamboos in CO2 absorption and oxygen production.

Panda Friendly: 
Another reason we choose Moso bamboo is because it's not even recognised as food by the panda.

Eco-Luxury for Hotels: 
Move with the times and show guests you care with a stylish, eco-friendly alternative to plastic.