Bamboo Cotton Buds | Pack of 200pcs Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Cotton Buds

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  • Environmentally Responsible - With the UK doing its utmost to reduce it's carbon footprint, it its becoming increasingly important for all residents to play their part in this movement. Our cotton buds are 100% biodegradable compared to their plastic counterparts. Hence, less plastic stems in our oceans and in landfills which are unable to decompose. With these biodegradable properties, they can simply be disposed of in compostable bins for convenience.
  • User-Friendly - With the cotton being organic, it is untreated by harsh chemicals and is odourless. Making it suitable for a variety of uses by all ages. The greater structural integrity of bamboo stems over plastic or card increases its durability whilst using even in the most stubborn situations. Whilst the organic cotton maintains the soft quality required of an everyday cotton bud.
  • Quantity - We provide four individual, biodegradable cardboard packs, each containing 200 buds. Providing a grand total of 200 cotton buds per pack. This outstanding value means that you, the customer needs to order less frequently and has compelling storage options due to multiple smaller packs being provided.